Writing for One Sustainable Ocean
Writing for One Sustainable Ocean

Statsraad Lehmkuhl. Foto: Jesper Rosenmai

Let your students write about One Sustainable Ocean! 

From August 2021 to April 2023, the tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl will carry out "The One Ocean Expedition". The voyage is part of the UN's Decade of Ocean Science and will focus on sustainability for and knowledge about the ocean. 

Content and research findings resulting from the continuous work of researchers and the participants onboard will be shared from the ship. During the voyage, experts with a formidable knowledge of the school sector in Norway share teaching materials that can be used in and outside of classroom settings so that students can follow the voyage closely and gain increased knowledge about and commitment to sustainable development for the ocean. 

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Target group 

Lower and Upper secondary school students 


The United Nations Association of Norway (UNAN) invites students and teachers from lower and upper secondary schools to a writing project in connection with the voyage «One Ocean Expedition».

The overall goal is to help school students to explore challenges and opportunities the ocean presents for humanity and to share their experiences in the process. The ideas channelled in the texts composed by participant students from lower and upper secondary schools may inspire solutions for observed challenges in the oceans. 

Nevertheless, one thing is certain – the exercise offers school students a topic and context where they write about their life experiences or the experiences of others connected to the ocean. Texts which schools send in will be reviewed, and the ones which present challenges as well as solutions on issues related to the ocean, reasonably well, will be published on www.fn.no – the official webpage of the UNAN, where 3,7 million visits were recorded in 2020 alone. 

There is no deadline for submission. A select body of reviewers in the UN Association of Norway (UNAN) assesses and publishes texts continually throughout the entire One Ocean Expedition voyage. Student texts can be anonymized if desired. The writing project can be done large or small, depending on the time and resources at the individual school, but it can advantageously be included in a larger context such as a day-long writing project at school, or other writing projects.  

How about carrying out a multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary project with "the sea" as the theme? Or, maybe, the writing activity can be part of a larger project on sustainable development. 

Interdisciplinary themes such as sustainable development, democracy and citizenship and human rights did come out of current societal challenges that require commitment and effort from individuals and communities in the local as well as national and global partnerships. Hence, this Writing for One Sustainable Ocean project invokes UNESCO’s initiative for Futures of Education where national curriculums could take impetus to gear education towards preparing the global youth for Education for Global Citizenship and Education for SustainableDevelopment.

Your texts, focused on describing and attempting to sole global challenge, are, therefore, considered to be parts of the global initiative. No matter how you choose to do it - we look forward to reading your texts about the ocean! 

Criteria for your text: 

  • The text will be conveyed in English. 
  • The text is entitled "One Ocean", but own title and sub-titles may also be supplied. 
  • The text can be written in any genre, such as opinion essays, exposes, poems, academic texts, short stories, reportage or interview reports. 
  • The text must shed light on at least one challenge related to the ocean, but it may also indicate at one or two ways out of the challenges. 


We recommend that you start by getting acquainted with the One Ocean Expedition project and the UN's Sustainability Development Goal 14 which is Life Below Water. You may start by watching this movie about the voyage: 

The One Ocean Expedition

Read about the voyage, see pictures, read stories and watch videos dispatched from the tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl here:

UN status report on Sustainable Development Goal 14 is available here: 

Tips for some other sites with relevant information: 

UN Environment programme: 

International Maritime Organization: 

Practical information: 

The teachers (contact persons) responsible for this writing project at their respective lower and upper secondary schools send students’ texts as pdf files to ost@fn.no. Each classroom or writing group can submit up to three texts.

A select group of employees from the United Nations Association of Norway (UNA Norway) will read through and evaluate the submitted texts. 

Texts from schools will be accepted as long as the One Ocean Expedition Project is ongoing (i.e., up to and including April 2023). Student texts that in a good way meet the criteria we have listed above will be published on www.fn.no

Good luck with the writing! 

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