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UNA Norway

The United Nations Association of Norway (UNA Norway) provides information on topics related to the United Nations, and relevant international issues.

UNA Norway

The organisation aims to increase the level of awareness about these related topics among our target groups, which range from the educational system to the media and public in general.

We aim to:

  • Promote a general interest and launch debate on key international issues
  • Promote a keener understanding of the motivations and dynamics behind international politics
  • Encourage positive attitudes towards solidarity and commitment to international cooperation
  • Forge a societal consensus on the fact that solutions do exist

UNA Norway offers information materials, courses and lectures, counselling, and press services. Our library services include background information on UN conferences, UN reports, Security Council Resolutions, and UN fact-based information.

The educational system, academia, media, libraries and NGO's are amongst our most important target groups.

The Editor-in-Chief of ILO Information Norway, who works with labour-related issues, are both based at our offices in Oslo.

An independent organisation

Trine Lise Sundnes is the Chair of the Board, and Anne Cathrine da Silva is the Secretary-General of UNA Norway. The organisation is run independently without any political affiliations, and spans throughout the country with 65 nation-wide member organisations. Almost 700 schools and kindergartens are currently members of the UNA Regional Offices network.

UNA Norway is mostly financed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

UNA Norway is also a member of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA).

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